Navigating My Blog

All of my coursework, assignments, work leading up to assignments and my learning log can be found on my blog.

Therefore I’ve made efforts to lay out the blog as clearly as possible by including tabs where these categories can be found. Here are some other pointers as to how to use the blog:

  • Most of the navigation is done by hovering over the relevant tab to view where a list of sub-navigation tabs can appear.
  • For the ‘Coursework’ tab there are sub-tabs for each part of the course with further sub-tabs for each part of coursework.
  • For ‘Assignments’ there are the relevant assignment tabs and under these there are more sub-tabs. ‘Work Leading up to Assignments’ is always the first sub-tab, then a logical development of each assignment as I put forward the original, get tutor feedback and act on it and then the revised assignment.
  • The Learning Log is similarly divided into sub-tabs; including books, independent research, study hangouts and study visits. It can be found at:

  • There are also many links within posts linking to other relevant posts I’ve made to show my development.
  • It is possible to search a term in the search bar on the top right of the blog below the header. Otherwise there are tags to navigate the blog by on the right also.

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