Photograph 5 – ‘In Action’

I chose quite a loose title for this photograph mainly because I felt it was quite evident to the viewer what was happening in the brewery when seen in tandem with Photograph 4 (‘In Preparation for the Day Ahead’). This was one of my response strategies to the brief where it asked me to show my engagement with my local community and its people. By appearing in this fifth photograph while simultaneously taking ‘In Preparation for the Day Ahead’, I saw myself from the outside, on assignment, in the brewery. I used a self timer of ten seconds on one camera set on a tripod (for Photograph 5) and took Photograph 4 at as similar a time as possible in order to make the effect of seeing myself from the outside as obvious and literal as possible. While it was a constructed photograph in the sense that it hadn’t happened by accident, I tried to compose both scenes for each photograph to my liking and interpretation (keeping in mind that I had to make my way over to where I had visualised the other tripod should be within ten seconds). This would hopefully enable the viewer to recognise that both shots were mine when seen in the series as a whole. I felt this quite creative response to the brief was a good strategy to both show my engagement with the brewery and its people as well as showing off more of the interior of the brewery at the same time. One thing I would say was that both Photographs 4 and 5 were taken with tripods and this wasn’t consistent with the rest of the photo essay where I had shot handheld because I deemed it more conducive to getting ‘decisive moments’ with.

In Action
Camera settings for Photograph 5 were:
f/4, 1/200s, ISO 2000, focal length 35mm, a tripod was used.

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