Photograph 4 – ‘In Preparation for the Day Ahead’

I would pair this image with Photograph 5 for this photo essay because they deliberately work together in giving information about the interior of the brewery while allowing myself to be more creative with the assignment. The first of this pair is ‘simply’ a document of one of the brewery workers preparing for the day ahead by stacking the shelves of the brewery with more ale. It gives information about the different kinds of beer on offer while providing the viewer with an idea of what preparing for a bar day at the brewery is like. The photograph in my opinion would work by itself in describing the type of product the brewery produces and who works there. Admittedly, one of the subjects of the photograph, the brewery worker, wasn’t sharp because of subject movement and a relatively slow shutter speed but I found it added to the sense of action in the shot of him putting the bottles of beer away. The clarity of the beer bottles on the shelves was good in my eyes, catching the eye and reminding the viewer they were a subject of the photograph and place.

In Preparation for the Day Ahead
Camera settings for Photograph 4 were:
f/4, 1/25s, ISO 500, focal length 24mm on an APSC size sensor camera (so focal length: 35mm equivalent on a full frame size sensor camera), a tripod was used.

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