My Brief for Assignment 1 – Documentary

I have based my brief for Assignment 1 – Documentary on the section entitled ‘The Photographic Brief’ in Short M. (2011) Creative Photography: context and narrative. Lausanne: AVA Publishing, pp.20-26.


The main aspect of my response to showing my engagement with my local community would be photographing the local brewery. More specifically my response was photographing the people behind and connected to the brewery in the context of the brewery. Initially I struggled to see how this would show my engagement with these people and their context but eventually I figured out some methodology to carry out the brief with, where I operated as participant/observer in some of the photographs.


Some key criteria for the brief I’ve outlined below:


  • the number of images I would need to produce would be 10, demonstrating my engagement with the lives, experiences and histories of my local community and its people.
  • I would be using a 35mm focal length throughout the assignment as it was requested only one lens/focal length be used for the entirety of the assignment and as I’ve explained in the post Why 35mm?, I felt this would help fulfil the brief for this assignment best.
  • I would be undertaking the assignment through a period of roughly 2 months (although I could see I would have to manage the time well as the brewery was only open on the weekend to customers).
  • Time would also have to be spent printing the photographs as the requested output beforehand for the photographs was 10×8 inch or A4 sized prints by the client.

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